The Halal certification process is usually really simple, consisting of 5 steps.

1-Initial contact and filling of technical form /contract and
Submitting the application form.

2-After submit the contract, documents will review by the HMO office for classification of company/product as certifiable.
3-Verification of the production process
Should the proposal be accepted by the company, the technical team from HMO sets off to the place of manufacture to verify that all procedures are consistent with those that were previously analyzed by the technical office and, if necessary, recommended some improvement.
4-Confirmation Customer
Acceptance of all Halal criteria recommended by the HMO as well as all changes to processes and ingredients which may have been advised.
5-Certification If the above aspects are in compliance, HMO issues the certificate


also known as “Company”

Please state if there is any Halal Certificate You have:

Please list all of poultry products supplied or sold and need to to be certified:

-HMO undertakes to treat all information provided or obtained from the applicant in the strictest confidence and will not disclose such information to any other person or company.
-By submitting this contract, HMO inspectors must have unfettered access to Companys facility for inspections with no advanced notice required.
- By signing this contract, Company will agree to follow all rules and regulations provided by HMO.
-The duration of the this contract will be for a period of                                            the day of issuance of the certificate.
In the event of Contract cancellation, the Company hereby acknowledges and agrees to pay the full price for the remaining period of the contract to HMO.
- The annual fee for this service is                                              Canadian Dollars   Payments will be made every                                                days, by the Company, upon issuance of an invoice by HMO.
The invoice will be payable within seven (7) business days after the invoice date.
-In the event that conditions and/or clauses in the contract are not fully implemented which may cause HMO not being able to verify and certify the Company, the Certificate will be revoked and cancelled, and HMO reserves the right to announce the Cancellation.
This document is intended to be in two pages and is a complete record of contract. Both parties are to have a complete signed copy of this agreement. Any agreements and undertakings must be included in writing to be binding.