About Us

Halal Monitoring organization (HMO) is a non-profit making organization devoted to analyzing, monitoring, and inspecting and certifying of HALAL products and it’s made up by university and scientific specialists of Muslim religion which collaborate within a multidisciplinary team:  Biologist, Expert in international trade, Advisers…based in the Toronto, Ontario-Canada.

Our working methods are based on scientific control in accordance with the Muslim food requirements, in order to present and offer products rigorously in conformity to them.


The Philosophy of the Halal Monitoring organization consists of 5 principles:

1 – Apply Islamic rules unanimously accepted by the different scholars of Islamic jurisprudence.

2 – Supporting people and communities who seek us with a clear and informative service.

3 – Working with minimal fees, to ensure the suitable functioning of the institution.

4 – Keep clear and strict procedures to ensure transparency in the certification process.

5 – Use all scientifically technological means available to ensure maximum rigour throughout the certification process